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Fall into the mood of life and discover yourself through the worlds of Jemimaca!

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The Criminal Color


Cruel words kill...The Criminal Color is a collection of poetry and prose drawn from intimate connotations about collective survival in the arena of racism. Split into four chapters, each chapter fulfulls a unique purpose, deals with a unique pain, and mends a distinct heartache. The Criminal Color takes readers through a journey of penetrating and bitter moments in life while also revealing the sustaining power of inspirational affirmations through colorful and meditative photography.

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Wisdom Of The Tiger


“People tend to flee conflict.” Ms. Carter says. “When in reality conflict is the greatest learning adventure in the universe. My parents taught us to fight like tigers or be eaten like rats.” Hence, Wisdom of the Tiger was born in their honor and memory. A percentage of all sales from her E-books and print copies will go to The Zoo Society in Tacoma, WA, for the preservation of tigers worldwide

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Blood White & Dream of the Buffalo

Parables of life exist in our dreams and in our hearts for reasons that are known only to our individual being. These two parables, Blood White and Dream of The Buffalo explore the mysterious worlds of human visions and experiences of the soul we often ignore. Do not believe that your presence is an apparition unseen and forgotten; the earth and sun will never forget you for the parable of YOU is perpetual and infinite.

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Samurai of the City
Coffee is the key to the world peace; just ask the Samurai.
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