American Expressions: The Color Black

A Poetry Competition


Sponsored By Simply Medical Meetings and Carter Karate Institute of Peace (a non-profit)


($500 Cash Prizes)


Eligibility: All Categories

Open to two age groups: (A) 16 and below ($200)– (B) 17 and above ($300).  Individuals involved with the Carter Karate Institute of Peace are not eligible to enter to include past Board members and their families. The contest runs from May 30, 2020 to July 15, 2020. Poetry may be of any length and must be about the theme of The Color Black in America. SUBMIT entries below.


Original Unpublished Work

Only unpublished work is eligible for this competition and entrants must be willing to sign a waiver stating that the entry is their own original work.


Judging is anonymous. Entrant’s name, Group A or B, and contact details should only appear in the Subject Line of the email being sent with the poem and not on the poem itself. Example (Carter, Gina, Group B, CB (Color Black) Poetry Competition) the title, if there is one, can be on the actual poem. Winners may be asked to provide a government issued ID proof of age before final award.  There will be 5 honorable mentions awarded.


Winners will be officially notified by email by July 30 (if there is no email please provide contact information of where you may be located) If you do not win you may still be asked if a portion or all of your poem may be used in a short video featuring poetry from the competition.

Destruction Of Entries

All entries that are not winners or honorable mentions will be destroyed and not stored.



Carter Karate Institute of Peace shall not be liable for any loss or damage or for any personal injury sustained as a result of entering or winning the competition.



The author retains the copyright to their property and writing; Carter Karate Institute of Peace retains no portions.


Express agreement

Entry is taken to be express agreement to all competition rules by participants, meaning that once you enter American Expressions: The Color Black, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations of the competition.


For more information, contact Misha Carter at 206-414-8550 or